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daffodilSEID Style

Here is the gift guide for your friends, moms, sisters, etc! These items would make awesome gifts on their own, but you could also combine a few of the items and/or add a bottle of wine and big bow! This post contains affiliate links, Thank you so much for supporting my blog! Gift Guide For … Read More about Gift Guide For Her

Well happy Sunday before Christmas! I just aaaaalllmost finished my Christmas shopping today, just have one thing left to get! In a way, I’m kind of sad that it’s the week of Christmas too. It means that it’s almost over! In this year full of negative stuff, I just want to keep the extra cheer … Read More about Happy Christmas Week – Sunday Seven

I feel like I say this every month, but how is it November already? I think with kids time just takes on a whole other meaning. It’s either reeeeallly slow we’re never making it to bedtime, or the day, month, or year is gone in a flash. And what did we do with ourselves before … Read More about What I Wore October